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SA Kid's Karate Parents say: "We're working parents and busy and they've helped develop our kid. I'd recommend SA Kids Karate to anybody."

S.A. Kids Karate Summer Programs

Sign up for one of our Summer Programs to help get your kids away from video games and keep them active, healthy, and disciplined ALL summer!

Ultimate Summer Experience

Your child will have UNLIMITED access to ALL evening classes for ALL of June, July, and August!

best dealThis program is designed to take your child from White Belt to Yellow Belt. They will learn all the basic handstrikes, blocks, kicks, and self-defense techniques. They will also go through our anti-bullying training just in time for the new school year.

Normally this program costs $565, so you SAVE more than $200 by taking advantage of our early registration price of $345! And you'll receive a FREE uniform! We'll also waive the registration fee for the first 15 registrations at each dojo!

Call the Babcock (210-377-2600) or Bandera (210-256-2600) dojo now and ask about our Ultimate Summer Experience!

Martial Arts Summer Camp

Have your kid spend summer training in all areas of martial arts during our Summer Camp.

Our exciting new theme-based Summer Camp curriculum also includes several blocks of focused instruction, including:

There is plenty to learn and even more fun at our martial arts summer camp. Your child could be the next karate kid! We have 2-week summer camp programs, as well a 12-week program, and everything in between.

We currently have several early registration specials going on, as well as family, military, and first responders discounts. Prices range from $185 to $225 per week., so call now to find out how you can save money while giving your child a fun and exciting summer.

Call the Babcock (210-377-2600) or Bandera (210-256-2600) dojo now and ask about Karate Summer Camp!

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See how we can help your child gain focus, self-discipline, physical fitness, and other attributes that will assist him or her withstand and overcome life's challenges.

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