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SA Kid's Karate Parents say: "What I like best about SA Kid's Karate is probably that we're part of a family here."

S.A. Kids Karate Programs

At S.A. Kid's Karate we look at ourselves as partners in your child's success, so we have programs that allow us to provide quality karate instruction that will accomodate every schedule.

San Antonio kids karate orientation program

Do you have an Orientation Program?
Yes, and it's specially designed for those kids who are sure whether martial arts is right for them. Try us out before you decide.

The Orientation Program is a series of private and group lessons. It also includes a FREE uniform.

With our Orientation Program your child will receive instruction that includes basic hand strikes, blocks, and kicks. They will also learn their very first self-defense techniques. Upon enrolling in this program your student will also receive their "Karate Homework", which will serve as their introduction to our Character Development Program.

Call and find out why parents love our “Seven Magic Words” and “My Best List”.

Call now and ask about our Orientation Program! Babcock dojo at 210-377-2600 or Bandera dojo at 210-256-2600.

Are there Evening Classes?
Yes. We offer evening classes for both beginners and advanced students Monday thru Thursday.

Start your child's martial arts training with one of the best and oldest schools in town. Our Chief Instructor and Head Instructors have over 80 years of combined experience teaching traditional karate. Kyoshi Dan Gonzalez began his training on the island of Okinawa back in 1973. No other school in the area has the experience and knowledge of S.A. Kid's Karate. Come see the difference real karate taught by highly trained and highly motivated instructors can make in your child's life.

Do you pick my child up for After-School Karate?
Yes. In fact, S.A. Kid's Karate pioneered the concept of transported after-school karate. We offer a safe, clean, and fun environment free from bullying, so come train with the Northside Independent School District's oldest after-school karate program. .

Imagine combining your child’s after-school program with an extra curricular activity that develops discipline, focus, self-control, and of course self-defense. Save time and money with one solution.

With two locations to serve you, we pickup students from over 25 schools in the Northside Independent School District.

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Do you have Karate Summer Training?
Yes. Your child can spend summer training in all areas of martial arts. This includes karate, traditional Okinawan weapons, Ju Jitsu, and the Japanese language. There is plenty to learn and even more fun at our martial arts summer camp!

With many classes available, we work to maintain a fun environment where kids can hone their skills and develop both physically and mentally.

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I have a 5-year-old. Can they train in Tiny Tigers?
Yes. We have an excellent program designed especially for children ages 4 and 5. We call it our Tiny Tigers Program. These classes focus on teaching karate basics with plenty of excitement and fun built into the curriculum.

With many classes available, we work to maintain a fun environment where kids can hone their skills and develop both physically and mentally.

Basically, each class will cover things like coordination, increased focus drills, self-control, and of course fun, large-muscle workouts. Students meet twice a week for 30 minutes. Some of our first Junior Black Belts started in this age group.

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See how we can help your child gain focus, self-discipline, physical fitness, and other attributes that will assist him or her withstand and overcome life's challenges.

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