Welcome to SA Kid's Karate

At SA Kids Karate we specialize in teaching the skills and characteristics that families want most from children. We believe karate begins with courtesy and respect. We also believe the ultimate goal of karate is the perfection of one's character.

Besides teaching traditional Okinawan karate, our curriculum helps kids develop focus, self-control,and discipline, all within a fun, clean, safe, family environment that emphasizes goal setting and achievement. At SA Kids Karate, we pride ourselves in producing model students who are well-equipped, both mentally and physically, to become leaders and positive role models in our society.

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Learning karate is not just about kicking higher than your head or breaking boards with your fists. Karate is about building coordination and self-discipline that will serve you throughout all of life’s situations. The overwhelming benefits of exercise on our mental and physical well-being are undeniable, and the confidence that comes from reaching goals and facing challenges is an invaluable asset.

At SA Kid’s Karate, we teach kids martial arts and self-defense. Our classes are a fun and exciting way to make friends and learn about your potential. We welcome kids of various experience levels, and work with them to develop skills for life.